From 2008-2013, Dave Stroup worked in digital strategies at the Sierra Club, one of the nation's oldest and largest environmental non-profits.

In his role as a digital organizer at the Sierra Club, Dave worked on a variety of advocacy campaigns, ranging from the local level to large-scale national efforts.

Working closely with the Club's field organizers, Dave designed and implemented online campaigns that focused on engaging supporters to get involved offline in their communities. He helped lead online recruitment for a large-scale action at the White House protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Other campaigns that Dave supported included clean water campaigns in Florida and Michigan, lands protection in Maine, clean air campaigns in Maryland, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and mass transit expansion in Florida. 

ladder of engagement

Digital strategy at the Sierra Club focuses largely on the concept of the ladder of engagement, and that supporters can become volunteer leaders through incremental action. Dave is a firm believer that with an active and engaging digital program, people can be moved to take critical action in their communities and affect real change.


Dave's work at the Sierra Club firmly instilled in him the need to tell the story of an organization and make very clear how a supporter's action can make a difference. While the goals of various advocacy organizations may differ, the need for a clearly defined and strong theory of change is critical.